Xen-Tan Dark Lotion – Absolute Luxe

We’ve been testing out new tans here, in the hope that we would find the perfect one to give us the i’ve just been to Spain for a month. So far we have yet to find one with staying power, however this one has come pretty close. We have now tested out the medium and the dark – the medium should only be used f you want a slight glow. the dark should be used if you want to have a tan for the whole week. It doesn’t fade too much at all and is still there albeit a little bit lighter after a few showers and a week later. The tan is developed with Olive under-tones, so will have you looking lovely and brown and not orange. Not to mention the scent – no biscuit smell here – just Cocoa Vanilla. Sounds like a strange concoction, but it’s amazing. This tan is stocked in Boots and can be found online. It is definitely worth shopping around for pricing as it does jump quite a lot from one store to another.


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