Why You Need Shimmery Prosecco In Your Life

pop a ball shimmery prosecco stocked in eastbourne lakeland plastics
Anything prosecco related gets our attention 100% and we’ve been dying to get our hands on the latest craze by Pop a Ball – shimmery prosecco. The shimmer in question – rose gold. We mean what else could you need in your life? We actually can’t think of anything else *insert laughing emoji here*

where to buy shimmer for prosecco in eastbourne
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We’ve been following Pop a Ball for a whole on Facebook, but we’ve never actually bought anything, because we want it now and don’t want to wait! So we were ridiculously excited to find out on a boring trip to Lakeland plastics for tupperware, that they stocked shimmer for prosecco. Woo hoo!

where to buy shimmery prosecco in eastbourne
They also stocked the flavoured bubbles for gin and prosecco, which we can’t wait to test out. The most perfect products for Summer drinks in the sun.

Who else is going to be buying some?