How To Get Amazing Lashes Without Mascara This Summer

600 lvl lash lift in eastbourne at fabulash based in eastbourne
LVL lash lift before & after 

Fabulash: What
We’re sure you have all heard of an LVL lash lift by now, but if you’re anything like us, you’re not really too sure what it is. Are we right or are we right? Last we week we were invited to go to Fabulash in Eastbourne, to find out what the lash lift was all about and to have the treatment done ourselves. Fabulash is run by the lovely Rose and Chloe. They offer lash extensions and also an LVL lash lift. Both at really amazing prices and they might just be adding more treatments to the menu shortly.

Fabulash: Treatment
The treatment itself was so relaxing. Chloe was great at explaining everything that she would be doing throughout. For those of you who don’t know what an LVL lash lift is essentially a perm for your eye lashes. Which as random as that sounds – is the best thing we have ever had done – EVER! The results are obviously instant and continued to be more apparent throughout the day.

If you’re a Legally Blonde fan, you’ll also already know that you can’t get the lash wet for up to 24 hours after the treatment, otherwise the perm will drop out. If you’re not – you should go and watch it.

The treatment has 3 steps – first the perm, then the tint and then the nourishing treatment, each step takes about 15 minutes. You have to keep your eyes closed throughout – which is a lot harder than you’d think.

The hard part of all of this – is the 24 hour wait to put mascara on. We were so excited to see how our lashes looked with mascara on – and they looked amazing! It’s also so nice to wake up with darker, fuller longer lashes in the morning. We love love love lash extensions, but these are definitely the way forward if you don’t like the up keep of the lash extensions. The lash lift results should last between 6-8 weeks, which is great news as it’s less up keep.

Fabulash: Verdict
We would 100% recommend getting treatments done at Fabulash. The girls are so friendly and welcoming, they make you feel at ease straight away. What we do love is that they have 2 beds in one room, so you can go with your friends and get treatments done at the same time. So you can have a good natter throughout the treatment time. We will definitely be going back in 6-8 weeks time to get the lash lift done again.

You can follow the Fabulash girls on Facebook here and keep up to date with prices and treatments. Also if you wanted to have a look at all the great reviews they have received on Facebook – click here.