Where To Eat In Eastbourne This Weekend

Hungry? Of course you are and as it’s the weekend we though we should dedicate a whole post on where you need to eat out this week. We’ve got you covered from breakfast to brunch and lunch till dinner.


Our favourite breakfast haunt is The Beach Kitchen right now. If you haven’t been there – you need to – seriously go tomorrow. You can read our full review of The Beach Kitchen here – it’s really yummy.


If brunch is involved then so is prosecco in our books. Unfortunately no where in Eastbourne has cottoned on to bottomless prosecco brunch’s, but until then, we’ll always choose pancakes at Bill’s and prosecco. Our favourite combination for sure. You can read our previous review of Bill’s here.


We have two lunch options for you and they both involve burgers – obviously. Those two options are – Half Man Half Burger or Old Dave’s Gourmet Burger Co. We’re massive fans of both and you can read our Half Man Half Burger review here and also Old Dave’s Gourmet Burger Co review here


This is a hard one as we’ve already mentioned burgers, we really don’t have a favourite dinner spot. Which is shocking and we need to change that as soon as possible. However we have decided to go with Simply Italian because it’s our fave place when we need a pasta and wine top up. Great atmosphere and yummy food. What more could you ask for.

Have a good weekend Eastbourne!