The Best Pizza Places In Eastbourne

where to go for the pizza in eastbourne
We love a lot of things and we mean a lot, but one of our all time favourite things is PIZZA. We can’t get enough of it, which is a slight problem when it’s holiday season, but who cares. So today we thought we’d share with you, our fave pizza places in Eastbourne. They are all pretty obvious places, and some have better pizzas than others, but we’re still obsessed. Pizza, side of chips, glass of wine and sunshine = perfect! If you have any other pizza places you that you think should be included in our next pizza round up, drop us a message at or message us on social media. We love hearing from you.

Cheap, cheerful and right by the harbour, it doesn’t get much better than that now does it? Well except when it’s windy and wet and you can’t eat outside. We’ve been to Pablo’s many many times we’ve lost count, but the food never changes and the standard always stays the same. You can read our previous reviews  of Pablo’s here.

Simply Italian 
We actually love it here, mainly for the same reasons as Pablo’s, but the atmosphere is a little bit different and slightly more authentic here. It’s also cosy in the evening with all the candles. Service is super fast and all the staff are friendly.

Pomodoro e Mozzarella 
They have quite the pizza menu at Pomodoro e Mozzarella, which you can view here. And that’s what we love – lots of choice – although not everyone will be happy by that – hello to all you indecisive’s out there. Also the drinks selection is pretty good – which gives it 10 more brownie points from us – Pina Coladas and pizza is where it’s at.

Mo Mambo
We’ve actually not been here ……… yet. However this was a reader recommendation as we’ve heard nothing but great reviews from Mo Mambo, so we’ll be sure to review it at some point this Summer to let you all know our thoughts.

Now Zizzi’s made it onto this list for the Pollo Rosso Rustica Pizza. It’s huge and we mean HUGE, it’s also so tasty and because it’s so huge no need for chips, which is a good thing because if we remember correctly Zizzi’s don’t have chips on the menu. Although we could have completely made that one up. They also have a skinny menu for those of you wanting a pizza, but not all those calories.

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