The BEST Pancakes In Eastbourne At Amy’s Cafe

darren waller photography food review of amys cafe seaside best bekkie in eastbourne
Amy’s Cafe: What 

You all know about Amy’s Cafe by now and if you don’t – where have you been? You’ll find Amys cafe down seaside – opposite nail fairy. It’s all hidden away, but it’s 100% worth the visit. The menu is really great and they have something for everyone. If you haven’t taken a trip down to Amy’s Cafe yet – you have too – you’re missing out.

pancakes in eastbourne at amys cafe seaside ipictures by darren waller photography
Amy’s Cafe: Food

So what we want to hear about – the food. Amy’s Cafe’s food is second to none. Everything is made by Amy herself. She’s an absolutely fabulous chef and we’ve never had a bad meal there. This might be a strange comment to make – but all of her dishes are made with love – everything is  just so good. Now lets get to what we ordered. As always, without fail, we had the PANCAKES – now lets tale about those pancakes. They are the most amazing, fluffy pancakes we have ever had in our whole life. They might look small, but you will struggle to finish them – so good and so filling and they don’t scrimp on the maple syrup. Which is hugely important in the pancake world. The bacon was perfectly crisp, just how we like it. Normal bacon just doesn’t cut it anymore – it’s crispy all the way.

darren waller photography eastbourne amys cafe food review fry up
Next up we have the fry up – now what’s different about this fry up you ask – not much at first look – but it’s not greasy at all. That might not be a big deal for most people – but it’s just another example of how Amy goes above and beyond. Also the potato bits were just what was needed. If you’re feeling brave – dip the potato in the maple syrup. You can thank us later.

eggy bread and maple syrup at amys cafe in eastbourne seaside road
And lastly we have eggy bread with maple syrup – yes please. We were far too full to tackle all of the bread, but it was good. Everything is good with maple syrup – isn’t it? Or is that just us.

darren waller photography eastbourne amys cafe best pancakes in eastbourne
Amy’s Cafe: Verdict
Amy’s Cafe is an old favourite of ours. The food is insane and everything on the menu is made to perfection. If we WANT the most amazing pancakes, we know we’ll get them here and the bacon is just so good and cooked the way we like it – crispy crispy crispy. The staff are friendly, the cafe’s cute and the prices are really great. We’ve also heard that they may be mixing up the menu soon, we can’t wait to share what they have up their sleeve.  If we’re giving marks out of 10 Amy’s cafe would get 50. We love d it.

darren waller photograpy eastbourne amys cafe food review seaside
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Pictures taken by Darren Waller Photography