Primark False Nails Review

review of primark false nails
We’re on holiday next week and we didn’t leave enough time to get our nails done. Which is obviously horrendous! So we had no other option that to buy false nails and stick them on. We opted for Primark because we have heard so many ladies raving abut them on social media and for only £1 you can’t really go wrong.  To be honest we did not have high hopes for these nails at all, but we can say that we 100% recommend them. The price ranges from £1 – £3 depending on the shape and style you want . They have matte nails, mermaid nails, glitter nails and chrome nails. They also have pre-designed nails.

primark false nails matte cashmere review eastbourne
The one tip we would give you is to buy the glue elsewhere. The glue that comes with the nails set isn’t really that strong, especially if you have anything to do in the day like get dressed. Primark do however sell a pack of 2 nail glues for 60p which in an incredible price and so far so good – nails are still on. We’ll keep you updated on the durability of the nails during our holidays, but so far it’s a 5/5 from us.