Our Favourite Food Spots In Eastbourne This June

We eat out a lot and we mean A LOT – you can follow us on Instagram here to see where we’ve been as it doesn’t always make it onto the website. So we thought we’d introduce a new series – which will be a monthly one of our favourite food spots in Eastbourne each month as we love to keep you all up to date. So here is the first instalment of our favourite places to eat in Eastbourne. First up ……….

where to eat in eastbourne this june bills for pancakes and bacon
We’re obsessed with Bill’s pancakes at the moment so they have to make it onto the list for being our favourite pancakes of the month. We always go for the pancakes with maple syrup and add bacon into the mix. The only thing we can say that we don’t like is when we ask for burnt, crispy, can’t put the fork in the bacon, bacon, they never do it and just send out standard bacon. Le sigh.

review of the beach kitchen in eastbourne on beach road 4
The Beach Kitchen
We can’t miss out The beach Kitchen – they serve absolutely fantastic food, they really do. We can’t fault them. The food, the service, everything is perfect. You have to try everything on the menu, which means you’ll be going back loads of times to make sure you don’t miss a thing. You should start with the breakfast burger. Yummy.

our fave places to east in eastbourne this weekend frankie and bennys new menu
Frankie and Benny’s 
We’ve been going to the cinema a lot lately and what is right next to the cinema? Frankie and Benny’s. We’ve mainly been going for convenience, however, having said that, they have changed the menu and we love it. So far we’ve had the All American burger – if you go for this (mac & cheese and bacon in a burger), which we 100% suggest you do, you have to ask for the bacon super super crispy/ burnt. It makes such a difference. Also if you’re a hot dog fan, you have to give the hot dogs a go. Proper New York hot dogs – and a foot long – yikes!

Pretty standard really – you know what you’re getting – we’re lifetime visitors. We went here after a trip to watch Baywatch. We are all the pasta and all the pizza. Great value for money and great food and also fabulous location for this time of the year – unless you go this week – it’s just raining.

where to eat in eastbourne this june the red lion pub stones cross
The Red Lion 
We go to The Red Lion quite often, for convenience, but also because we really like the starters menu, which we get a few of and share. No main meals needed. Also we prefer whilst having a glass of prosecco. Perfect way to spend an afternoon or a rainy lunchtime.

The Farm 
The Farm’s Instagram page is soooo good. If you’re on a diet – avoid like the plague. The food pictures just make us so hungry and we’re through the front doors before you know it, usually ordering a mac & cheese and a rose. They do of course have so much more on the menu, so head on down and check it out for yourself.

So there you have it – our favourite food spots in Eastbourne this June. We can’t wait to share next months with you all, we’re going to eat out at some fabulous places.