Naughty Food Products To Try This Week

dary milk oreo and peanut butter
Cadbury’s Oreo & peanut butter dairy milk

This right here is our chocolate bar of dreams. The only downside is that you can’t just eat one square of even half of it – you have to eat the whole thing at once. Unless you have some self control – Currently being sold at £1 as it’s new, but will be £1.50 at a not do new date.

M&S cheese hot cross buns
M&S cheesy hot cross buns

This one sounds right up our street. Last year we discovered that Asda do chocolate hot cross buns and this yer M&S do cheesy ones. Life really can’t get any better right now.

asdas progrigio
Asda’s Progrigio

Yes you read that right. Asda have released a little something something which is a mixture of prosecco and pinto grigio. It definitely sounds like something that happens when you haven’t got much drink left at home  – you’re a little bit tipsy and come up with an amazing idea. Apparently it’s really nice – but we shall let you decide on that one.

dary milk oreo and mint choclate bar
Cadbury’s mint Oreo dairy milk
Released the same day at the peanut butter version and it’s just as good if not better. We feel like we’re cheating on Oreo’s if we say it’s better so ………… We 100% think it tastes like Viennetta – it’s that good.