Movie Review: Fist Fight

movie review of fist fight
So Fist Fight – what can we say about this movie? Well ….. it’s everything you’d expect from a movie that stars Ice Cube. Ice Cube and his shorter, funnier side kick Charlie Day play the roles of two high school teachers with very different views on how to discipline students. Charlie Day is a timid, don’t want any trouble teacher and Ice Cube has a I don’t take no s**t kind of teaching approach.

They butt heads and Charlie Day Snitches, which sends him on a downward spiral of trouble and – snitches get stitches. So he has to fight Ice Cube till someone gets knocked out.

That’s about as far as the story/ plot goes. The best part is when Charlie Days on screen daughter takes part in a school talent show with her Dad, but we’ll leave that as a surprise.

Not really a trip to the cinema kind of movie, definitely a rainy Sunday afternoon on the sofa watch.