Movie Review: 47 Metres Down

Incase you didn’t know – this movie is about sharks, more importantly cage diving.  Two young American girls (Mandy Moore &  Claire Holt) are on holiday and for some reason or another they decide to go cage diving on a rickety old looking boat. They get in the shark proof cage and poof the wire that holds the cage up breaks and they plummet 47 metres down to the bottom of the sea bed. And the rest of the movie is the rescue.

Now this movie isn’t going to win any awards – none whatsoever – but you do need to take it as it is – which is a shark thriller. We left the movies thinking WTF afterwards after a shocking turn of events, that we can’t repeat as we’ll ruin the whole movie.

Any shark fans out there – this is a must see for you guys, you will not be disappointed. It is edge of your seat what the F is going on – s**t where did that shark come from – it’s behind you – watch out movie watching.

We left the cinema being too scared to even drive down the seafront, let alone walk on it, just incase a shark jumped out and ate us.

** NB ** We are crazy shark movie lovers so this review may be slightly bias.