Lazy Sunday: Patisserie Valerie

breakfast at patisserie valerie eastbourne
This weeks lazy Sunday comes to you from Valerie Patisserie. We were intending to go for roast dinner after we’d been to town, but we arrived so early, the shops weren’t even open yet. So we decided to have a ridiculously early lunch and by early we mean about one hour after breakfast ha ha!

patisserie valerie eastbourne breakfast menu
Off to Patisserie Valerie we went – we sat right in the window so that we could be nosey and people watch. Once we read the whole menu and decided it was too early to order cake, we opted for coffee, poached egg on toast and scrambled egg on toast with bacon.

breakfast menu at patisserie valerie eastbourne
The food came out so quickly, which is very unusual, but maybe it was just because it was quite early.

coffe at valerie patisserie eastbourne
And the coffee was so good – the nicest we’ve ever had whilst out and about. However we have to say – we ordered caramel lattes and it was so nice and sweet – which is what we love – but it might not be to everyones liking that way.