Halloween Movies For Wimps

Double, Double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble ….

Hocus Pocus
Everyones Halloween favourite! We will never get bored of this movie at all and we’re kind of excited to see the re-make that is apparently coming out next year.

The Craft 
If you’re an 80s baby you 100% watched this at sleepovers – light as a feather stiff as a board – remember that? If you don’t get watching – it’s great – a tiny bit scary – but great fun.

Everyones favourite ghost. So great, so fun and fab for the whole family.

Halloween Town
We love this and we’re not even ashamed to admit it. Probably the least scary of any Halloween movie ever – so great for the whole family.

Practical Magic
You haven’t lived if you haven’t watched Practical Magic. It’s a story about two sisterly witches. It will 100% give you a new love for you put the lime in the coconut song.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 
We love Buffy and in our minds the original teen vampire tv show. Vampires + cheer leaders = Halloween disaster

The Nightmare Before Christmas
We find this movie creepy – really creepy – but it’s a kids movie – so it must just be us. A must see as it is a Tim Burton special.

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