Getting Pancake Day Ready

Some of our favourite pancake day recipes …

Funfetti Pancakes
Who doesn’t want sprinkles in their pancakes? We actually love this recipe and it’s quite a crowd pleaser when it comes to the kiddos. One lucky 8 year old got Spider-Man sprinkles – which were pretty cool – so we were told. You can find the funfetti pancake recipe here.

Blueberry Pancake Stack 
They don’t look too pretty, but these blueberry pancakes are so easy to make and taste absolutely amazing! You can find the blueberry pancake recipe here.

American Style Pancakes 
American style pancakes are our absolute favourite kind of pancakes. We could eat them all day every day. You can check out our go to pancake day recipe here.

Sweet Potato Pancakes 
These ones are a desired taste really, but if you’re looking for a healthier option, you can give these sweet potato pancakes a go. You will find the recipe here.

Lazy Girl Pancakes
What makes these lazy girl pancakes we hear you say – well we buy them from Asda and just toast them – so lazy! You can read about them here.