Get Your Rib Fix At Ribs & Co In Hailsham

The man behind Ribs & Co really knows his ribs and because of this knowledge has produced one AMAZING restaurant.

Ribs & Co: What
Ribs & Co is a little restaurant in Hailsham, that you have already walked past and not even noticed – that’s exactly what we did. However – we were so happy to have discovered this place – thank you Facebook. You will find Ribs & Co on St George Street – so easy to get to and easy to park.

Ribs & Co: Food
The food – the food – where on earth to start. The menu is great. There is something for everyone, so it really is a good choice – even for those fussy people. One of us went it having never tried ribs before and ordering ribs, the other went in a rib lover and ordered a burger,

To start we opted for chilli beef nachos and mozzarella sticks. These were both pretty good. The sauce that came with the mozzarella sticks has to be the best sauce we have ever tasted, but no idea what it actually was. One day we will find out. Now let’s get to the Nachos – just look at that picture. They look pretty good don’t they? Next time we’d definitely opt to have cheese on top, but it was our choice not too and they were still great. We ordered these to share as the nachos was quite a big portion.

Now on to the mains. If these pictures do not make you hungry, there is something wrong with you – just look at that burger!

This burger is the Alan burger – 4oz 100% British beef patty, topped with shredded baby back rib meat, oodles of house glaze, Monterey jack cheese, lettuce, pickle, seeded bun, coleslaw and fresh fries. The burger lasted all of 5 seconds as it was too good apparently. So no sharing involved with this burger. Did we also mention the price – this bad boy was only £10 sides and everything. Such a bargain.

Now on to the RIBS!!!!!!!

As mentioned earlier – one of us has never had ribs – never ever! Now all we want is ribs! These were INSANE and we’re sad we’ve missed out on that rib life for so many years! *insert laughing emojis* Seriously though – if you stay away from ribs because you think they are fatty – fear not Ribs & Co ribs are not chewy or fatty they are cooked perfectly so that the meat just comes away from the bone.

Now when you’re asked if you want a half rack of ribs or a full rack of ribs – DO NOT CHOOSE THE HALF – always got for the full rack. Your will regret the half once you’ve eaten it all up – always size up.
When ordering the ribs, you get a choice of 3 glazes –  bourbon, hot and spicy or a house glaze. We went for the bourbon – A.MA.ZING. Again this was a fantastic price including the sides in the picture below – £15.

A little rib information for you
**All our ribs are hand prepped, marinated for 24 hours and cooked for up to 5 hours so they fall off the bone **

Lastly lets talk puddings. We almost didn’t have any space left for pudding – but as always all in the name of research. We opted for one kids size waffles and ice cream and on Eaton mess. The Belgian waffles come with vanilla ice cream and a choice of 3 toppings – strawberry, chocolate or toffee sauce – you can also choose all 3 if you’re feeling dangerous. 100% suggest this pudding if you have enough space. This was a kiddie portion because we had no space. Now onto the Eton mess for those of you who don’t know what an Eton mess is – fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries cocooned in meringue and fresh whipped cream. So good
If you’re wondering what’s with the strawberry Santa’s – we went before in Christmas – just incase anyone was wondering.

 Ribs & C0: Verdict
We will definitely give Ribs & Co a solid 10/10. All the food was absolutely the amazing. The atmosphere was great – which is important in a restaurant. The ribs were insane (this is from the i’ve never ever had ribs ever person). The burger was demolished in about 2 seconds and the pudding was delicious. You have to go and visit Ribs & Co immediately. Maybe one of Hailsham’s best kept secrets.
Also they do a little thing called rib fest – we’re sure a few of you guys would like to see how many ribs you can eat in one go for a set price, which is an absolute bargain price.
You can follow Ribs & Co on Facebook here and you can check out the menu here.

Pictures taken by Darren Waller Photography