Flamenco – A Little Bit Of Spain In Eastbourne

Tapas at it’s best at Flamenco, Eastbourne ….

Flamenco: What
Flamenco is a tapas restaurant on Cornfield Road. With a menu full of tapasie (not a word we know) goodness. Whether you want cheese covered potatoes, crab or a fish paella they have you covered. The staff are very friendly and super helpful – they must get asked so many questions about the menu all the time, they know the food and they will tell you their favourites.

Flamenco: The Food
Obviously the food is tapas and of course, the most important component to this review. You can opt for a set menu – which is an extremely great deal if you want cheap and cheerful, which is exactly what it is – especially for the amount of food that you get. The set menu has 3 options, meat, fish and vegetarian. All options are as good as the next, it’s just depends on personal taste, of course. We opted to choose our own tapas which is harder than you’d think. So many options and if you want to share them all you’ll seriously be there forever trying to choose. Which is where the staff come in. Our lovely waitress helped us pick what we were going to eat and also helped with how much you should order for 2 people to share.

The tapas rule you have to follow – is try new things. You have to otherwise you’ll miss out on so many amazing dishes.

Our options ended up being crab croquettes with sweet chilli, pork, lamb, goats cheese and serrano parcels with honey, fried potatoes topped with cheese and the paella which we mention below. Everything was perfectly cooked and we couldn’t really pick a favourite as each dish was as good as the next. Full of flavour and as always with tapas – surprisingly filling. Anyone else always find that eyes are bigger than belly with tapas? That was certainly the case for us.

If there is one thing you have to get whilst there it is the meat paella to share – it’s so good and we could have quite happily have eaten one each – with no other sides of course.

Also don’t forget to check out the specials menu – you’ll find some must eats on there.


Flamenco: The Drink
Now it’s not a proper trip to Flamenco unless you order the sangria. It’s amazing and it makes you feel just like you’re on holiday – just don’t look out the window as it’s probably raining (ha ha). Don’t make the mistake of ordering half a litre, just go straight to the full litre, then you won’t have to keep re-ordering – because – trust us – you will.

Flamenco: The Verdict
Flamenco is probably one of the best places we have visited to date in Eastbourne. They have been around for as long as we can remember – always busy – always a great atmosphere and also fab prices to boot. This hasn’t changed, but we’re always so excited to visit for something a little bit different and we love that we can find it here in Eastbourne.

If you do one thing this weekend make it a trip to Flamenco. Also follow Flamenco on Facebook here, to keep up to date with any special offers and you can check out the current menu here.

Pictures taken by Darren Waller Photography