Eastbourne Burger Fans: Lets Us Tell You All About 7Bone Burger Co

7Bone Burger Co: What 
Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last few weeks – you would have heard that Eastbourne has a new burger place (seen here and here). We’ve seen peoples alarm that Eastbourne has yet anther burger place – but we think the more the merrier and each and every one brings something very different to the burger market. We’ve been to 7Bone quite a few times now as we wanted to give it a proper review and when we go somewhere brand new we get a little bit excited. We can honestly say – it’s been better every single time we’ve been. We have a rule – we can’t eat the same thing again, so we’ve tested out quite a bit of the menu now – which is good news for you guys – so lets get down to the review.


7Bone Burger Co: Eat
The food – wow! On the first visit we had all the snacks, which include tater tots, pork rinds and hot chicken wings. Out of all of those our favourites were in the following order – the wings, tater tots and lastly the pork rinds (see menu here).

Which then of course leads us onto the best part – the burgers. We love the names that they have given the burgers such as – shuffle to straight time, Dirty Linda and Prince Charles is Overrated.

The  first burgers we went for were Ronald’s Revenge which was smashed beef patties, double cheese, minced white onion, ketchup, mustard and pickles. It was good, just like a standard burger really. They ask you how you want your burger cooked – if you like it cooked, cooked, we’d 100% suggest you say you want it cremated and if it’s still a bit pink, just let them know and they’ll get you a new one. Unless you like your burgers pink that is – they were very yummy.

We have also had the Prince Charles is Overrated which was an aged beef patty, bacon, cheese, shredded ice berg, pickles and dirty spread – we have no idea what dirty spread is – but was was good. This one comes highly recommended.

Also we’d like to add that the Robert Johnston was pretty epic. Aged beef patty with cheese, truffled garlic shrooms and truffle mayo.

For those who aren’t in the mood for meat – or the vegetarians out there – YOU HAVE TO TRY THE DITY LINDA. We ordered it completely by accident – thought it was chicken – but it’s actually chicken fried halloumi – didn’t read the menu properly. Well, we’re so glad that we didn’t as it was the best tasting burger we have ever eaten. It’s spicy, the halloumi is fantastic and the coleslaw is AMAZING. We’d probably order this every single day of the week if we could.

Now onto the sides – which we’ve had quite a few of by now. You definitely give the Portswood poutine a go – it’s fries, slow braised beef and gravy. AMAZING. Chilli fries are also an absolute must  as are the halloumi fries. Do not share the halloumi fries with anyone – get your own – they are far too good to share. Also the mac and cheese is pretty awesome.

7Bone Burger Co: Drink
They have some very interesting drinks on the menu, which we didn’t get to try – except for possible the weirdest one. The pickleback shot. A very strange combination of bourbon washed down with pickle juice, which isn’t as gross as it sounds, the two actually compliment each other very well. You should give it a go if you’re feeling a bit daring.

7Bone Burger Co: Verdict
7Bone definitely gets a 10/10 from us. The food is fantastic – the venue is great and the staff are really friendly. We’re also excited for them to start doing take aways – dangerous, but we actually can’t wait. If you haven’t been down already – you have to go asap. Don’t let the fact that you can’t book a table put you off – they really do have plenty of seating and they try to accommodate everyone.

Pictures taken by Darren Waller Photography