Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix

Miracle on 34th Street
Is it even Christmas if you haven’t watched this movie?

If you haven’t yet seen this one you really do need to have a watch. It’s great, we love it and it is another must watch. We probably watch this one at least 4 times throughout December and also on Christmas day because we love it that much. It’s about a cold hearted tv exec – who is about to discover the true meaning of Christmas – the hard way.

A Very Murray Christmas
And evening of music, music and barroom camaraderie for  a holiday variety show. Another one we haven’t watched – we probably won’t but it’s an option.

A good old fashioned favourite. Not your average Christmas movie, but well worth the watch. If you haven’t seen it – you haven’t lived.

A Christmas Prince
We’re huge fans of Hallmark Channel movies here, so we absolutely loved A Christmas Prince. It has the usual story line – girl is in a cross roads in her life, meets a prince of a teeny country you’ve never heard of, fall in love, overcome a big hurdle, split up – get back together and have a fabulous, magical a Christmas.

A Christmas Detour
Another Hallmark favourite – boy meets girl, boys saves girl, fall in love and bam it’s Christmas.

A Christmas Horror Story 
This one is news to us – who knew Christmas horror stories were a thing? Apparently – Santa battles zombie elves and demonic Krampus stalking a naughty family. That’s Christmas right there.

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