Where To Get A Christmas Burger In Eastbourne

Tis the season to eat drink and be merry

This has to be the best thing about the lead up to Christmas – testing out all the Christmas burgers. And luckily for Eastbourne – we are spoilt for choice this year. There is still time to test them all out before Christmas – if you fancy the challenge. They all look absolutely amazing! The Half Man Half Burger has roast potatoes in it – brownie points right there. Have you tried any of these yet? Which one will you be giving a go?

7 Bone Burger Co
What: Son of a Nutcracker 
Stuffing coated buttermilk free range chicken smothered in melted brie, sausage patty, cranberry mayosauce, crispy onions, xxxmas gravy and topped with a pig in blanket.

Half Man Half Burger
What: The Roast of Christmas Past
Two patties, sage & onion stuffing patty, mini ‘roast’ potatoes, red cabbage, red wine & onion gravy, English mustard, rocket.

The Eagle
What: Slow cooked turkey bap 
Slowed cooked turkey bap with brie, spice stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Old Dave’s Gourmet Burger Co
What: Beef 2 ways 
Beef patty, slow cooked brisket, parsnip crisps, rocket and roast onion and rosemary jus

The Farm
What: Christmas turkey burger 
Deep fried turkey escalope marinated in butter milk and bread crumbed, cheese, lettuce, cranberry sauce, mayo and sausage pate. YES PLS!!!!!!