A Non Invasive Face Lift At The Beauty Spot Eastbourne

caci facial at the beauty spot in eastbourne
Last weekend, I was invited down to The Beauty Spot Eastbourne to review a CACI facial. Obviously I jumped at the chance, who doesn’t want a bit of pampering every now and then – no one!

CACI Facial At The Beauty Spot: What
So a bit about the CACI facial – it’s a non surgical face lift that tones and firms the muscles. It also smooths out any fine lines and wrinkles (sounds pretty good doesn’t it?) It’s used by a lot people and is a fave with celebrities. How does this work you ask?  – by using a microcurrent.

I had a CACI jowel lift, so it was concentrating on my jaw area as well as other areas of my face. The facial started off with a cleanse and exfoliation to prepare the skin. Then Kira started with  the gliding Golgi and quick stroke on jowels and then moved on to ETR – which was two pads popped on any areas of concern to concentrate the current on. I had them placed on my forehead and also under my eyes.

After that Kira moved on to the eye area where she did the gliding Golgi and quick stroked again. After this she went on to use the wrinkle comb which helps get rid of the appearance of wrinkles – which everyone wants.

Once it was all over – Kira applied a moisturiser to suit my skin type – which i’m pretty sure smelt like a lemon sherbert – it was lovely and soothing. And then it was all over – the time went sooooooo quickly.

CACI Facial At The Beauty Spot Eastbourne: Verdict
When it was finished and I had a little sneak peek in the mirror – I was actually amazed at how my my jaw line had been lifted. AMAZED! Kicking myself that I didn’t take a before and after, but some days – selfies just don’t go so well. I don’t actually have a really contoured jaw line, but after the treatment I did – it was actually visible. So I was very happy with that. I am only 31, so I don’t have any other areas that I am necessarily worried about apart from the crows feet area – i’m sure they are becoming more visible by the day and they have 100% been made less visible – which I can tell when I smile as they are no longer visible unless  I smile. Also my skin is so soft – so soft and still is 4/5 days on. This treatment comes 100% recommended  by Eastbourne Lifestyle. Bye bye wrinkles.

CACI Facial At The Beauty Spot Eastbourne: Prices
Prices for the CACI Facial start at £45, which can be booked as a one off or booked as a course of treatments, which is recommended. You can find out more information on prices and treatments on their website here. Read our previous review on their Nail extensions here.