7Bone Burger Co Is Coming To Eastbourne This August And We’re So Excited

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Ok so we love burgers and we love burger joints, so we’re ridiculously excited to share with you if you didn’t already know that 7Bone Burger Co will be coming to Eastbourne later on this month.
You might be asking who are 7Bone Burger? – You can check out the 7Bone Burger Co website here for more information and the 7Bone Burger Co Facebook here for pictures of the FOOD!

Cliff notes version Рthey already have 7 locations around the UK РSouthampton, Bournemouth, Camberely, Reading and Newbury.  They do burgers (surprise), they do hot dogs, they do fries that make you hungry by just looking at the pictures and they even do burgers with hash browns as well.

It’s like Christmas has come early!