5 Ways To Look After Your Dogs In The Heat

5 ways to look after your dogs in the heat
. When the weather is hot, like it is today, it’s best to walk your dogs very early in the morning or late in the evening. Or not at all if you have tiny dogs.

2. If you’re taking your dogs out with you – as obvious as it sounds – take water for them to stay hydrated. Small dogs can dehydrate very quickly.

3. An ice pack bandana for your dog, which you can buy here. The bandana has special cooling technologies, which helps chill out your dogs in the Summer heat.

4. To help keep your dogs hydrated, you can feed them snacks such as chopped up cucumber (our dogs love cucumber), some cheese frozen in an ice cube, just plain ice cubes, ice cubes mixed up with gravy – lots and lots of ideas. For more, please visit this website.

5. Do not, under any circumstances leave your dog in the car! Not even with the windows open! Also when you leave the house, don’t leave dogs in the conservatory.