5 Pie Recipes To Try For National Pie Week

chicken and sausage pie recipe
{Chicken & sausage lattice pie – Recipe here}

We’re not going to lie, we’re not the biggest pie fans out there, in fact we can’t even remember the last time we ate pie. It definitely was not this year we know that. So anyways to celebrate National Pie Week (why does pie get a whole week?) we’re sharing 5 of the prettiest pies from Pinterest for you to give a go over the weekend. The mushroom chicken pie looks pretty awesome – so we’re going to give that a go.

chicken and leek pie
{Chicken & mushroom pie – Recipe here}

ham hocks and sausage pie
{Ham hock & sausage pie – Recipe here}

steak kidney and mushroom pie
{Steak, kidney & mushroom pie – Recipe here}

butternut squash spinach and ricotta pie
{Butternut squash, goats cheese & spinach pie – Recipe here}