5 Cosy Pubs With Fires To Escape From The Snow In Eastbourne

These are some of our favourite pubs and restaurants in Eastbourne to grab a prosecco and sit in front of a cosy warm fire

We all know it’s cold outside, we all know it’s been snowing, so we’ve been trying to avoid pointing out the obvious, however, we don’t want to hibernate anymore, so we thought we’d share with you – some cosy pubs in Eastbourne with an open fire, for you to enjoy with a drink or a burger. Without further a do – here are 5 of our favourite cosy pubs in Eastbourne.

The Lamb Inn in Hooe
We’ve been here a few times, but on our last visit we got to enjoy dinner by the fire, which was toastie. The best part is A. They allow dogs and B. They ave more than one fire. We only remember that they have 2 – however there could be more.  One in the restaurant and one in the bar/ eating area. So more than enough for you to enjoy. You can check out our previous review here and we have a new one coming up soon.

The Farm, Friday Street
Ah We do love The Farm – great menu – great gin and an open fire! Yes please!!!!! You will probably be able to find us with burger and chips and a rose by the fire. What a way to spend and afternoon.

The Dew Drop Inn
Great place to go if you’ve had a hard day shopping or just fancy a burger, They have a huge open fire, so a fab place to kick back and relax. Also last time we were there they had curly fries – Winner!

The Tiger Inn
One of our favourites for the Summer – The Tiger Inn has a cosy little fire in the main bar area. If it’s not too buy you can grab the table right by the fire – if you can handle the heat that is – it gets quite toasty.

The Dolphin
The Dolphin is our favourite Christmas pub, but that doesn’t mean that we avoid it for 11 months of the year. They have a cosy fire and they have a alcohol (woo hoo) and they have great food! (YAS) Win Win!

Feature Image via The Farm Instagram