5 Avocado Recipes

avocado 5
{Triple Fudge Chocolate Avocado Cookie – Recipe here}

Avocados are a healthy fat and they are a great benefit when included in your daily food intake. They are however not just to use for guacamole or spread on toast. There are so many other ways to use them – the most surprising cookies, cake and cheesecake. Here are a few that we will be trying over the next few weeks.

avocado 4
{Avocado And Egg Breakfast Pizza – Recipe here}

avocado 3
{Avocado Spaghetti – Recipe here}

avocado 2
{Chicken And Avocado Enchiladas – Recipe here}

avocado 1
{Avocado Vanilla Cheesecake – Recipe here}


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