3 Ways To Style Backless Loafers

3 ways to style backless loafers 3
Much like mules, we didn’t think we’d ever see the day that backless loafers would be back on our feet. This fashion year is taking us by surprise (ha ha). However it’s happened, they have and we’re on the hunt for new ones all the time. What we love about them? We don’t have to sit down to put our shoes on – no laces, no straps, no buckles = a win for us. We know that’s pretty lazy, but it’s the truth. What else you ask? They are flat and they look smart. River Island have the BEST pair in stock in Eastbourne right now, but we can’t find them online to show you, which can only mean we need to buy them. We’ll use absolutely any excuse.

3 ways to style backless loafers 2 3 ways to style backless loafers
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