3 Courses At Solo Pasta For Just £12.99

Great Italian food in the centre of Eastbourne ……..

Solo Pasta: What
As always we were really excited to take a little trip to Solo Pasta for a lunch time feast. Is there any better way to spend an afternoon than filling up on carbs and people watching? Now if you’ve lived in Eastbourne for a while, you will know all about Solo Pasta and will know exactly where it is. For those newbies – you will find Solo Pasta by the memorial round about in the town centre. Solo Pasta is a small restaurant with a lovely atmosphere where you can just relax and enjoy.

Solo Pasta: Food
Lets get to the good part- the food. We were there to try out the lunch menu, which is amazingly priced – 2 courses for £10.50 and 3 courses for £12.99. You get so much food for your money – you really can’t got wrong with those kind of prices. We opted for prawn cocktail and cheesey garlic bread to start. Tagliatelle marinara and lasagne for mains aaaaaaaand for the one who had enough space for pudding – creme brulee.

The tagliatelle marinara was mixed seafood sauteed with tomato, garlic and parsely with white wine. It smelt amazing and tasted just as good. You have to try this one if you go to Solo Pasta and if you like sea food – of course. The lasagne is a great meal for those not so adventurous people – this one in particular was really tasty and so filling.

Solo Pasta: Verdict
We loved Solo Pasta. Great food, relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. The set menu had a great selection of food and definitely something for everyone. We can 100% recommend everything we had to eat and will be coming back again to give everything else on the menu a try.

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Pictures taken by Darren Waller Photography