24 Hours In London

review of afternon tea at brgr co soho 2
So this weekend we decided to leave Eastbourne and take a little day trip down to London. We always find London a little bit overwhelming as there is so much to do and we are pretty indecisive. So this time we had a plan – eat and drink. Keeping it simple, no shopping, no walking, which suited us perfectly.

review of afternoon tea at the brgr co soho
We decided to have an afternoon tea with a twist. What was the twist you ask? Well if you didn’t see it on social media – we went for a burger afternoon tea. It was soooooooo good. So if you’e ever near BRGR CO you need to get yourself down there. Especially if you love burgers, chips and prosecco – we 100% do. The burgers were beef, chicken and fish, all three as amazing as each other. Then you got two selections of chips and some onion rings. And the prosecco was so so so good and included in the price and so was a HUGE pudding. We’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

review of afternoon tea at brgr co soho 4
You can find out about the afternoon tea at BRGR CO here and you can also make a booking at BRGR CO here.

porn star martinins at london cocktail club
Next up we went to London Cocktail Club, because who doesn’t love cocktails. These cocktails were so so random and you had so many to pick from. Obviously the Porn Star Martini was hands down the best cocktail we had. Although we didn’t stop there – one cocktail came out with crispy bacon on top (yes actual bacon) and a Haribo egg.

london cocktail club happy hour
Others were Breaking bad themed and kind of tasted of some sort of WKD blue concoction. We didn’t stop there though, we had cocktails that came out with biscuits attached, others had sunglasses and some were just a bloody good cocktail with no gimmicks. You can find the closest London Cocktail Club to you here.

bourbon cocktails and the london cocktail club 6