10 Tips For Travelling With A Little One

10 tips for travelling with a little one
We’ve heard that travelling with kiddos is often stressful. We don’t have kids, but we find it hard enough to organise getting ourselves ready for holiday and at the airport. So we decided to get together a little Mummy panel to talk about their best travel tips with the kiddos.

Let us know if you have any tips you’d like to add.

1. Prepare Well 
This one was given to us from a Mummy of 4 – so it goes without saying – prepare and prepare some more. Extra snacks, extra clothes, extra everything. Has anyone discovered a real life Mary Poppins bag yet?

2. Trunki
Everyone needs a Trunki, not only a suitcase for the kiddo, a place to store all their toys, but a climbing frame, push chair and seat all rolled into one.

3. Bring Stickers
Our recent trip to Greece has showed us how much kids love stickers. They love to stick stickers anywhere and everywhere.

4. Snacks, Snacks And More Snacks
This was classed as the most important by our Mummy panel.Bring all the snacks, any kind of snack, bribery at its best.

5. Pack a DVD Player
Frozen on tap – need we say anymore?

6. Give a New Toy A Go 
Bring their fave toys to keep them entertained and throw a new one in the mix for a long haul flight or a 2 year old emergency.

7. Opt For A Seat On The Plane For The Under 2s
We’ve never thought of this before, but we overheard conversations at the airport where a Mum bought a seat for her 1 year old and just put a car seat on the plane and popped the kiddo on that. It costs more money, but the kiddo was used to sitting in a car seat.

8. Bring Calpol
So many people forget this, so we’ve been told. You never know what will happen on holiday and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

9. Take a travel car seat 
If you’re renting a car abroad, a lot of car places will provide care seats for you if requested. However, we were told by a Mummy that if you’re not used to a certain car seats they can be bloody tricky to use.

10. Travel Often 
Just because you have a tiny person, doesn’t mean you have to stay at home all the time. You can still travel the world with the kiddos in tow. It might be a little bit stressful, at times full of stresses and some tantrums. The best advice our readers have given us is travel often and don’t care about what everyone else is thinking.